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Who I Am And Why I Do It

I value freedom above all else. Freedom to follow your own way, to study what you believe is good. People know what is good for them, and history is one of the things that are good for people.
History is a thriller, an action movie, and history is, first and foremost, about people. People made of flesh and blood.
Not forces, not laws of nature, not some destiny; instead, people make history.
People make history, not the other way around.

I strive to create a world where people search history to find the key to understanding the present, where they value historical knowledge and have fun learning it.
I want to help create a society where a-historical arguments do not easily manipulate people because they value history and know that the truth is rarely black and white.

History provides answers, but we have to ask the right questions. Join me on my mission. Help me open up the most burning questions and encourage people to seek answers. In history, truth is rarely black and white.

My values

I will never give up on history. History matters; history is the key, and history is passion. A society knowledgeable about history is a confident society. Let everybody study history. Let us bring it to people, by all means.


Every human being is valuable as such. Every human has a right to form their own opinions—today and in history. I teach history as a history of individuals, not mass, humanity, or structures. If we understand people in history who thought differently, but their desires, needs, and suffering were the same as ours, we will become more tolerant. Then, we can tolerate our neighbors with different worldviews with more ease.

Open mind

I am always ready to accept a different point of view. History is not black-and-white and consists of events nobody could have predicted at that time. Remember that, and every discussion will become more cultivated. And discussion is the engine not only of democracy but of all relationships of all time.


Curiosity never killed anybody. Those who ask uncomfortable questions are the driving force of a free society. Let us be curious. And let us enjoy the discomfort of those who are either scared or lazy to think and doubt.

What I do?

I write history that rattles.

Teach history that matters.

And research is my second name.

Why History With Me?
  • Ph.D. in history at Charles Univesity in Prague (a leading Central European institution and the oldest university North of the Alps and East of Paris).
  • A professional historian specializing in women´s history and the history of early modern ages.
  • A former university teacher loved by my students.
  • Teaching experience at primary, secondary, and university levels.
  • Two years as a full-time freelance writer with a portfolio in the historical niche.
My Freelance Writing Portolio In History Niche

Letters From The Heart Of Europe

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